Daily Archives: June 5, 2003


There’s a little crowd of us here in the computer room. We all asked the printer to print off our reports, and it has gone into shock! We can’t cancel the print and can’t just leave it to get on with it because these reports are confidential and there will be a class in here in a moment. A room of trapped teachers!!!

Had a lovely peaceful morning. Some unexpected tests have arrived.. I LOVE invigilating 🙂 This is the life. I won’t mention that it actually postponed the Data Handling module yet again – which apparently I have to teach to Year Seven as well. Sunshine with a silver lining to boot!

Cakes in the staffroom again at break and lunchtime. I ignored the chocolate ones and felt very proud of myself. Of course, I had to have the tangerine gateau as consolation. Besides, it wouldn’t have been very friendly towards the purchaser of the gateaux to refuse to eat it, would it? The dinner lady was very impressed at lunchtime when I refused an iced bun and had an apple instead. Little did she know…..

Had a close encounter with the water boiler in the staffroom this morning. Well, with the water from it, to be a bit more precise. Ouch! Still, it takes my mind off my burnt mouth from yesterday’s doughnut. Warming it slightly in the microwave seemed such a good idea at the time (the doughnut, not my mouth).

Quote of the day from Smudgelet: Mummy, I know why the baddie in Star Wars is called Daft Vader… it’s because he’s daft!