Daily Archives: June 3, 2003

Data Handling

Ok, so I can’t work out what on earth I am supposed to be teaching my Year Eight class next lesson so I am hiding my wiblogging behind my empty lesson-planning sheet and pretending to be working industriously on the staffroom computer. Data Handling? I thought I could do data handling, but this work pack leaves me scrabbling for the dictionary. Hmm… the maths coordinator reckoned I may need to “tweak” some of the figures in the work pack to make it suitable for my special needs kids….. Hmmm, wish he’d “tweaked” the teacher manual for me!

Lovely to see my brother last night. He has lost loads of weight – the rat. How could he? My one consolation was that he had a bigger tum than I.. and now he’s betrayed me. I see only one thing for it – I shall have to give up alcohol too. Only one small problem with that…. His other contributing factor was apparently increasing his exercise – one small problem with that, too! I shall have to do something, though, if I am to fit into my favourite dress without pinging the buttons across the room again!

Lovely to see my friend J last night, too. She is also my social worker and had some good suggestions to make regarding our current situation. Poor Tiddles is so distressed at the moment that he has made his mind up never to go to sleep again. This meant an hour stood by his bed at half past ten at night, holding and stroking his hand until he finally fell deep enough asleep for me to leave without him noticing. Hopefully some of the strategies being put in will help. It was nice just to talk to J, though – the good thing about having a social worker (well, one that you trust, anyway) is that you can tell them everything.

So, “is this tabular representation helpful in addressing the hypothesis?” Good question.

Mr-Computer-Man wasn’t able to come round last night – think he may arrive tonight, bearing a new DVD drive. Better find where I put my cheque book. I used to be so organised – you wouldn’t believe it, would you?

Anyway, now that I have given up alcohol, I reckon I deserve a doughnut. What do you reckon?