Daily Archives: June 2, 2003

It worked

Woke this morning feeling totally refreshed.

OK, so that’s a lie. Woke this morning feeling as though I needed another three hours in bed, but with a far lighter heart. Funny how nice it is when life’s uncomplicated. 😀

OK, so that’s a lie too. Life’s fairly complicated, but one aspect of it is back to normal and that feels amazingly good. Tempted to wangle a weekend away regardless, seeing as I have the opportunity in a month’s time – get rid of the boys, go visiting, or take a pile of books and book into an expensive hotel or something, and really make the most of being young, free, and single.

OK, free and single, if you want to be pedantic about it 😛 OK, single, if you count the various ties I have, but one out of three aint bad. Or maybe I’ll just relax with the Smudgelet for a weekend and do nice, indulgent things like coffee-time at Thorntons and lying on the beach and ignoring the washing up.

Today at school’s been good too. A development day led by a former colleague with whom I used to be really quite friendly. Turns out she lives nearby and has invited us round for coffee and a play in her swimming pool! The content of the training was really good too. Looking at behaviour management – a really positive discussion. Also we had some training on methods of restraint. To be used only as a last resort, I hasten to add, but useful to know just in case. Wish we’d had that training a week ago, I could have done with it to keep one of my visitors in order, hey Chris? 😉

The man’s coming tonight to look at my computer and see what’s wrong with the DVD drive, probably even replace it. Why do I have so little success with things technical? Why do computers hate me so? Why didn’t I know the DVD drive was dodgy BEFORE we tried to watch Lord of the Rings and get it mended in time?

Word of warning… I am just going in the kitchen to practise some positive behaviour management on my children. No, blow that for a game of soldiers, I am going in the kitchen to scream, shout and make heavy threats and to send them to bed without any supper. 😀

Then I am coming back in the lounge to enjoy the beautiful aroma of these gorgeous flowers, to eat excess of chocolate, and to have a relaxing evening with a friend/colleague who is coming round for half an hour, my brother who is visiting for a day or two, and my friends on the Ship.