Well, I might have known my visitors would get an earlier ferry. It always happens. Just as I am looking at the mess that I really should have cleared up earlier and thinking “Oh, it’s OK, I’ve got another two hours yet”, so the phone rings with the joyous message “We’ve managed to get on an earlier boat. Isn’t that marvellous?”

Well, it was all the fault of the Ship anyway. I mean, I never intended to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, but their commentary forced me to switch it on, and then nothing got achieved of course. Do I regret it? Not a bit. Well, you have to leave a few jobs for your visitors to help with if they are to feel at home, it’s the role of the good hostess to make them feel part of the family.

Playing the organ at church this morning. They were having a bit of a panic, mind, when we hadn’t turned up five minutes before the service was due to begin. I should have known that when I said to the boys “Have you put your clothes for church in a bag in the car?” and they said “Yes, we have” I should have been a little suspicious. Oh yes, they were in the bag alright. Shame the bag was in the bedroom as we went zooming off to the swimming pool. It meant that after swimming, we had to do a mad dash home to get changed, and then of course we hit the Bank Holiday tourist traffic. Oh, and I get to church to discover my dear friend Gladys has slipped in an extra hymn. Nifty bit of sight reading there!

I’ve been decision making and organising half the weekend. Don’t know whether I’ve made the right decision, and certainly the organising has gone a bit awry, but only time will tell.

Made a coffee cake this evening. Anyone got any icing sugar? I’ve run out. Typical – there’s always one ingredient you forget, isn’t there?

Why do I have so much junk?

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  1. Junk is only the objects you once found useful that are not being used and may not have any future use

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