Moan moan moan whinge whinge whinge.

Poorly. Head hurts, throat hurts. Can’t stop coughing.

Eyes hurt. Body aches. Keep sneezing. Nose alternating between suffocating and exploding. Temperature almost as wobbly as my knees. Poorly poorly poorly.

Moan moan moan, whinge whinge whinge.

Set up the Scalextric to keep the boys quiet. What happens? It breaks down and needs mummy to sort it out.

Nearly have a row with Dad who seems unable to notice I’m not feeling too good….even when I keep coughing on him.

Set the boys the challenge of completing a jigsaw before I wake. What happens? They complete it, then wake me to show me…just as I’ve finally managed to get to sleep.

My car’s mended and there’s no way I feel up to collecting it, so it will stay at the garage until Monday. And there’s nobody around willing to fetch Smudgelet’s new bike from the shop, so he won’t be having it for his birthday. 🙁

Moan moan moan whinge whinge whinge.

Still, had a nice phone call 😉

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