Proud teacher

My little darlings are working so hard at their SATs tests this week. Look at me glowing with pride 😀 Even the lad with severe ADHD sat for the whole 2×45 mins this morning and had a go at every single question (even if he only did score a total of three) and most of them did, relative to their ability, really well.

In the science test “Why did Edward Jenner test his vaccine on more than one person?” – answer: so he wouldn’t get bored with being tested.

In the maths test “Explain your reasons for choosing this answer” – answer: well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

And in answer to one rather complicated question : I’m sorry, you’ve lost me there !

My poor little car is still in the garage and I am reduced to getting a very very early lift in in the mornings (shock to the system !!!) and getting a taxi home at night (shock to the purse !!!). There’s going to be an extra shock to the purse, I reckon, seeing as the sump is apparently cracked and needs replacing. At least the bumper will be done on the insurance…. I just want my car back! I feel lost lost lost without it.

Taxi driver on the way home was full of the latest news – a murder in Ryde! Must try to remember to watch the news. This makes two murders locally in the last month! At least I didn’t teach the culprit this time….. well, not as far as I know. Hmmm.. wonder what it would do for my reputation as a teacher if I had……

Have just had a phone call from the swimming pool to see if I really do want to confirm my booking for the boy’s birthday party. After the pain in the neck he’s been this evening????? Please don’t let me forget to put the cheque in the post. I’d better remember to buy his present before the weekend too. Could be a bit embarrassing otherwise.

Anybody want to run a book on which of the Smudgelets will be the next to emerge from the bedroom on some pretext? My money’s on the youngest.