Daily Archives: May 8, 2003

Test run

It’s nice to be part of groundbreaking technological developments, you know. In fact, it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened all day, apart from winning a mini bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk for being the adult who could complete a tables square in the fastest time. Oh, and doing the washing up!

Latest news, by the way, is that all’s well at the moment. The shadow is lifted and all’s right with the world, at least for the meantime.

Having said that, it looks like I have to ring the police again tomorrow morning. Some person hit my car in the car park at the swimming pool today. Luckily two people witnessed it and got the registration number and a description of the car, and also looked at the damage. I just don’t want to have to ring the police again at this stage – a boring life would be rather nice for a day or two.

I’d record the conversation we had in the staffroom at lunchtime but I’d shock myself, I think. Working at this school is a real education!!! I was just thinking to myself about the fact that I seem to be making real friends there now and feeling part of the staff community, but bearing in mind my first comment, I wonder what that means precisely !!!

Was reminded today about the headline news locally. A boy I used to teach has been arrested for murder. Strange feeling, that.

Right, off to bed with Jamie.

(Brilliant book, Cliona!)