Monthly Archives: May 2003


Well, I might have known my visitors would get an earlier ferry. It always happens. Just as I am looking at the mess that I really should have cleared up earlier and thinking “Oh, it’s OK, I’ve got another two hours yet”, so the phone rings with the joyous message “We’ve managed to get on an earlier boat. Isn’t that marvellous?”

Well, it was all the fault of the Ship anyway. I mean, I never intended to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, but their commentary forced me to switch it on, and then nothing got achieved of course. Do I regret it? Not a bit. Well, you have to leave a few jobs for your visitors to help with if they are to feel at home, it’s the role of the good hostess to make them feel part of the family.

Playing the organ at church this morning. They were having a bit of a panic, mind, when we hadn’t turned up five minutes before the service was due to begin. I should have known that when I said to the boys “Have you put your clothes for church in a bag in the car?” and they said “Yes, we have” I should have been a little suspicious. Oh yes, they were in the bag alright. Shame the bag was in the bedroom as we went zooming off to the swimming pool. It meant that after swimming, we had to do a mad dash home to get changed, and then of course we hit the Bank Holiday tourist traffic. Oh, and I get to church to discover my dear friend Gladys has slipped in an extra hymn. Nifty bit of sight reading there!

I’ve been decision making and organising half the weekend. Don’t know whether I’ve made the right decision, and certainly the organising has gone a bit awry, but only time will tell.

Made a coffee cake this evening. Anyone got any icing sugar? I’ve run out. Typical – there’s always one ingredient you forget, isn’t there?

Why do I have so much junk?


Moan moan moan whinge whinge whinge.

Poorly. Head hurts, throat hurts. Can’t stop coughing.

Eyes hurt. Body aches. Keep sneezing. Nose alternating between suffocating and exploding. Temperature almost as wobbly as my knees. Poorly poorly poorly.

Moan moan moan, whinge whinge whinge.

Set up the Scalextric to keep the boys quiet. What happens? It breaks down and needs mummy to sort it out.

Nearly have a row with Dad who seems unable to notice I’m not feeling too good….even when I keep coughing on him.

Set the boys the challenge of completing a jigsaw before I wake. What happens? They complete it, then wake me to show me…just as I’ve finally managed to get to sleep.

My car’s mended and there’s no way I feel up to collecting it, so it will stay at the garage until Monday. And there’s nobody around willing to fetch Smudgelet’s new bike from the shop, so he won’t be having it for his birthday. 🙁

Moan moan moan whinge whinge whinge.

Still, had a nice phone call 😉


Lines! He’s given me 100 lines!!! Well, I won’t be quite so remiss in writing to him in future – I didn’t realise how much time had passed between letters and how he would worry that he hadn’t heard from me. He’s certainly enjoying his revenge now! I’ve written 90 so far – well, give or take a bit of dodgy counting 😉

I managed to make it into school this morning, though didn’t stay the day. It was good to be there for the last of the tests, though. Even better to spend the afternoon in bed with a good good book. The main character is a dream! Thanks Cliona for recommending it. I must make a trip to the library for a sequel. Mind you, some of the scenes are described a bit…er….descriptively! I have to be careful when reading it when the boys are around. It’s a bit… educational!

Looks like we won’t be making it to the shipmeet tomorrow 🙁 I had been looking forward to that. The weather’s hardly tempting for a picnic, though.

I finally managed to organise Smudgelet’s birthday party for next Sunday. Now all we need to do is find some children to come to it. Why do I always leave these things to the last minute? Anyone want to come to a party?

AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttcccchhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooo! Ooooooops, sorry….!

Proud teacher

My little darlings are working so hard at their SATs tests this week. Look at me glowing with pride 😀 Even the lad with severe ADHD sat for the whole 2×45 mins this morning and had a go at every single question (even if he only did score a total of three) and most of them did, relative to their ability, really well.

In the science test “Why did Edward Jenner test his vaccine on more than one person?” – answer: so he wouldn’t get bored with being tested.

In the maths test “Explain your reasons for choosing this answer” – answer: well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

And in answer to one rather complicated question : I’m sorry, you’ve lost me there !

My poor little car is still in the garage and I am reduced to getting a very very early lift in in the mornings (shock to the system !!!) and getting a taxi home at night (shock to the purse !!!). There’s going to be an extra shock to the purse, I reckon, seeing as the sump is apparently cracked and needs replacing. At least the bumper will be done on the insurance…. I just want my car back! I feel lost lost lost without it.

Taxi driver on the way home was full of the latest news – a murder in Ryde! Must try to remember to watch the news. This makes two murders locally in the last month! At least I didn’t teach the culprit this time….. well, not as far as I know. Hmmm.. wonder what it would do for my reputation as a teacher if I had……

Have just had a phone call from the swimming pool to see if I really do want to confirm my booking for the boy’s birthday party. After the pain in the neck he’s been this evening????? Please don’t let me forget to put the cheque in the post. I’d better remember to buy his present before the weekend too. Could be a bit embarrassing otherwise.

Anybody want to run a book on which of the Smudgelets will be the next to emerge from the bedroom on some pretext? My money’s on the youngest.

Test run

It’s nice to be part of groundbreaking technological developments, you know. In fact, it’s the most exciting thing that’s happened all day, apart from winning a mini bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk for being the adult who could complete a tables square in the fastest time. Oh, and doing the washing up!

Latest news, by the way, is that all’s well at the moment. The shadow is lifted and all’s right with the world, at least for the meantime.

Having said that, it looks like I have to ring the police again tomorrow morning. Some person hit my car in the car park at the swimming pool today. Luckily two people witnessed it and got the registration number and a description of the car, and also looked at the damage. I just don’t want to have to ring the police again at this stage – a boring life would be rather nice for a day or two.

I’d record the conversation we had in the staffroom at lunchtime but I’d shock myself, I think. Working at this school is a real education!!! I was just thinking to myself about the fact that I seem to be making real friends there now and feeling part of the staff community, but bearing in mind my first comment, I wonder what that means precisely !!!

Was reminded today about the headline news locally. A boy I used to teach has been arrested for murder. Strange feeling, that.

Right, off to bed with Jamie.

(Brilliant book, Cliona!)