Wednesday already?

I seem washing machine obsessed just lately… have just finished washing the first ever mud-coated Rugby kit. I think half the field was on there! Only one minor disaster: the only bit of the boy’s school uniform which has never gone missing in action – his green and white striped school tie – went in the kit bag with his boots (turned green, white and brown, though mostly brown) and then… ooops…. in the washing machine with his bottle-green kit. Result? One completely green tie! So after berating him for carelessness with his uniform………


Had a lovely afternoon nap this afternoon. Was only woken twice. Once by a friend delivering bread and then by my father phoning to tell me that he would fetch the Smudgelet from school so that I could snooze undisturbed. Oh… and once by the cat jumping on and settling down, of course, but that goes without saying.

Small achievements today… finished writing a letter and started another one. Amassed a ridiculous number of posts on Ship of Fools. Apologised to the Smudgelets for being mean to them this morning (and was graciously forgiven!) Rescued a mouse from Smudgelet’s welly. And glanced at the application form which I really will have to fill in soon.

Now, do I own up about the little insy-winsy minor easily-done tiddly little mistake I made which stopped me posting my first Wiblog?

No, I don’t.

Thought for the Day: There is nothing like a bacon sandwich, except for another bacon sandwich.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday already?

  1. This is obviously because my fellow wibloggers do not engage in the same level of lateral thinking as I. Please arrange for counselling and entry into the free prize draw.

  2. Then it is very strange that several other highly intelligent and well educated individuals have had no trouble whatsoever. Very odd indeed…

  3. Well, it had occurred to me that really it is a failing of the web page design which led me, a highly intelligent and educated woman, to make such an error

  4. Smudgie sweetie, there is really nothing to be ashamed or worried about. After all, any help and feedback you could give us regarding your use of the Wiblogs will lead to us making the system better and easier to you. Please share, you will be entered into a free prize draw for your troubles.

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