Thursday morning

And a lovely sunny morning it is too! (Believe that and you’ll believe anything!)

Went to the doctors this morning to make sure my sore throat is nothing more sinister. It’s nothing more sinister! Now, that should stop people nagging 🙂

Removed one large headless rat from the veranda this morning – the perfect start to a day which I have vowed to fill with housework. No computer at all today. I have decided not even to switch it on, just so I don’t get tempted.

Right….er…. just to get a gnome off my back, I suppose I am going to have to own up about the insy-winsy little difficulty I had posting my first Wiblog… but only if you promise a) not to laugh and b) not to tell Chris.

I…er…erm… *blushes*….er… *bites lip and wriggles a little uncomfortably*….er…er… I …. *takes deep breath and says very very quickly*……. was hitting the wrong “submit” button! I didn’t notice the one at the side, next to the password, just scrolled on down to the bottom of the page. I suppose it’s more a case of vertical rather than lateral thinking!!!! But don’t forget your promise not to tell Chris – he said it was probably user error and I’d hate him to think he was right!

Thought for the day so far: Housework may be easier with a match!

3 thoughts on “Thursday morning

  1. *stiffled giggle* That is really quite hilarious Think Bubbles, you should be proud to have found a way of 'getting round' Chris's perfect system – and certainly an error worthy of my puter skills. 🙂

    Now, I would like you to note, I said nothing to Chris – and he posted before me.

  2. AHA! I knew it! User error – and there you were blaming my perfect system. Actually, I had better not say that, as the next time it throws a wobbly you'll all be on my back about it. But well done for being an intelligent and highly educated lady who failed to see what a load of thick ruffians saw immediately. That takes a special talent, that does…

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