Sunday !

The morning started far far too early… why do their swimming lessons have to be at such a ridiculous hour? Mind you, it was worth it for the joy of watching Tiddles trying to learn to dive. A cross between a frog and a hippopotomous for style and elegance!

Major achievement of the Day – I went to church. Yes, I finally had enough energy to face driving the boys to our usual church (after what must be about a five month absence!). It was good to be back, and we were thoroughly welcomed… and there was only one occasion in the whole service where I had to sit down when everyone else stood, so progress indeed. I nearly had a fit, though, when someone asked whether I was intending to play the organ!

It was a good day to be back as a friend I hadn’t seen in ages just happened to have been invited to do her “on trial” service as a local preacher at our church this morning. She was relieved to see a friendly face in the congregation, too. I deliberately sat just near her assessor – hee hee! The service was a good one.. I wasn’t tempted to have a snooze in the corner of the pew.

Spent the afternoon ironing, browsing Ship of Fools, and nagging the children about homework, so a very profitable day all told.

Oh, and I sent an email to the head of the school where I was doing supply w*rk to say that I am interested in applying for the two-term post which begins there after Christmas. It has been a difficult decision to make, weighing up the freedom and flexibility of supply work with the security of a contract, but I decided to make all the moves to facilitate getting the job and let God make the decision of what is the best. Having sent the email, I feel quite content with that.

Thought for the day: Why can you have days and days of quiet and then everything clash on the same day?

Note to self: The washing machine works better if you remember to turn it on at the mains!