Major achievement of the day : I finally finished doing the Tesco order so this little family won’t starve after all. Shame they can’t deliver until Saturday afternoon, but if we lie in long enough in the morning the boys might not notice we’ve run out of breakfast cereal.

It was a bit of a worrying morning, having been contacted by several people to say that recently written cheques had bounced. Had the LEA got wind of my malingering and decided to drop me to half pay without telling me, or had the new cashpoint card which was “lost in the post” fallen into the wrong hands, or had I simply spent too much? (always a possibility) A wind-and-rain-swept journey into town and the relief of finding out that, once again, it’s down to user error. Well, how was I to know I was using an old cheque book???? I was so delighted to know I wasn’t in the red that I went on a spending spree! 🙂 Now all I have to do is manage two weeks without a cheque book OR a cashpoint card while they order me new ones. TWO WEEKS!

Smudgelet was home for the day – “these bloomin’ teachers’ training days, why can’t they do them in the school holidays???” (Quote from the woman in the fish and chip shop. She survived intact, but only just!) So… lunch in MacDonalds (to stop him moaning about being dragged round the shops) and then a tantrum from Tiddles in the evening because it just wasn’t fair.

Thought for the day: Life’s tough when you’re ten!

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