16th November 2001

I really really ought to hang the washing out to dry, put the washing up away, vacuum the lounge carpet, clean remnants of small boys’ breakfast off the kitchen floor….. No, priorities first – Wiblog and a cup of coffee. Besides, the kids will feel more valued if I allow them the priveledge of doing a few household chores.

Thursday was a lovely wasted lazy day… mooching around doing nothing in particular. Probably just as well seeing as I got rather carried away with a late-night phone call to a friend and also spent part of it comforting a small Smudgelet with his head down a toilet. What is it about children being sick that makes you want to join in? Yuk! The great thing about Glandular Fever, though, is that you can make up for lost nighttime sleeping by snoozing half the day away. This is the life!

Major achievement of the day yesterday: An hour and a half shopping! OK, so it was supposed to be two hours shopping… the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak…. but a real development on a couple of weeks ago where I spent two pounds extra buying something from Smiths because I couldn’t face the 200 yard walk back up the High Street to Boots where it was cheaper. So now I am feeling doubly smug, because I managed to get about a third of my Christmas presents bought out of the way, and it isn’t even Advent yet! Now to resist the temptation of test-running the toys!

It’s such a beautiful day today, we really ought to go out somewhere. And after last night when Tiddles’ trip to Cubs was abandoned because the roads were all flooded and we counted 12 flashes of lightening as we drove! It was quite spectacular to watch. Today I am rather preoccupied as Mum’s taxi service for Music Centre, Birthday Parties and possibly even a Swimming Gala. Hmmm…. I love nice relaxing Saturdays!

Thought for the Day: Why do cats always want to sit on your lap when they have just come in on a stormy night?

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