13 November 2002

It works, it works, it works… Wow! The third load of washing is whirring away amid the bubbles and I can still go in the kitchen without my wellies. Spot the smug smile! 😀

New discovery today…. ham and pineapple pizza does not taste good with lemon squash poured over it! I’m obviously tired after a rather eventful night with a sleepless Smudgelet. He got up at 3 a.m. to go to the toilet and promptly walked into the door! Mummy leaps out of bed and runs to the rescue (hugging small crying boy while he’s using the toilet probably another call for wellies) and puts him back to bed.

An hour later another cry comes from the toilet…. this time he’s standing with his head down the toilet. Mummy, fearing concussion, heaves herself out of bed and walks to the rescue, finds a bucket and compassionately puts him back to bed.

Fifteen minutes later a cry comes from the bedroom… “Mummy, I’m tooooo hot”. Mummy, still fearing concussion, slowly crawls back out of bed and wanders to the rescue….remembering en route that she had forgotten to readjust the thermostat on the central heating!!! As she compassionately fetches him a drink of cold water, she is rewarded by a glass jumping off a high shelf and ending it all, all over the (mercifully very cleanly washed!) kitchen floor!

Thought for the day : Tonight remember to turn the heating down and slip something into Smudgelet’s milk