12 November 2002

Well, so this is it.. I have been “persuaded” to begin a Wiblog and, now I am starting to get the feeling back in my arm, I thought I ought to make an effort to get it set up. Hmmm… rather like the fence!

Lovely lazy evening this evening… relaxing with the kids in front of the fire, listening to a story tape, helping Tiddles colour a picture while Smudgelet attacks my hair with a hairbrush. He has aspirations of being a hairdresser…. hope he’s not banking on it!

Major achievement of the day? Well, I may well have repaired my first washing machine! Tomorrow will be judgement day when I actually turn it on and flood the kitchen again! From the bowels of the machine (horrible turn of phrase but maybe quite appropriate) I retrieved one button, a cockle shell, a 3″ long piece of wire and a stone – must remember to check the boys’ trouser pockets more thoroughtly in future!

Thought for the day… God works in mysterious ways (and can have a sneaky sense of humour!)

6 thoughts on “12 November 2002

  1. You're not the first person to make that suggestion, Maddie! No.. I am perfectly well balanced thank you.

  2. yeah, welcome indeed to the Wibblingly Adictive World of Logs. I shout at my washing machine, when I am not sat in front of it watching it go round and round and rou….

  3. Hmmm… stick your head in my washing machine tomorrow, Chris… I'm hoping there might be plenty of bubbles to think about in there!

  4. Welcome to the Wibbling World, Smudgie. I'm trying to think bubbles as you suggest, but it just isn't working. What do you suggest?

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