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12 November 2002

Well, so this is it.. I have been “persuaded” to begin a Wiblog and, now I am starting to get the feeling back in my arm, I thought I ought to make an effort to get it set up. Hmmm… rather like the fence!

Lovely lazy evening this evening… relaxing with the kids in front of the fire, listening to a story tape, helping Tiddles colour a picture while Smudgelet attacks my hair with a hairbrush. He has aspirations of being a hairdresser…. hope he’s not banking on it!

Major achievement of the day? Well, I may well have repaired my first washing machine! Tomorrow will be judgement day when I actually turn it on and flood the kitchen again! From the bowels of the machine (horrible turn of phrase but maybe quite appropriate) I retrieved one button, a cockle shell, a 3″ long piece of wire and a stone – must remember to check the boys’ trouser pockets more thoroughtly in future!

Thought for the day… God works in mysterious ways (and can have a sneaky sense of humour!)

13 November 2002

It works, it works, it works… Wow! The third load of washing is whirring away amid the bubbles and I can still go in the kitchen without my wellies. Spot the smug smile! 😀

New discovery today…. ham and pineapple pizza does not taste good with lemon squash poured over it! I’m obviously tired after a rather eventful night with a sleepless Smudgelet. He got up at 3 a.m. to go to the toilet and promptly walked into the door! Mummy leaps out of bed and runs to the rescue (hugging small crying boy while he’s using the toilet probably another call for wellies) and puts him back to bed.

An hour later another cry comes from the toilet…. this time he’s standing with his head down the toilet. Mummy, fearing concussion, heaves herself out of bed and walks to the rescue, finds a bucket and compassionately puts him back to bed.

Fifteen minutes later a cry comes from the bedroom… “Mummy, I’m tooooo hot”. Mummy, still fearing concussion, slowly crawls back out of bed and wanders to the rescue….remembering en route that she had forgotten to readjust the thermostat on the central heating!!! As she compassionately fetches him a drink of cold water, she is rewarded by a glass jumping off a high shelf and ending it all, all over the (mercifully very cleanly washed!) kitchen floor!

Thought for the day : Tonight remember to turn the heating down and slip something into Smudgelet’s milk

16th November 2001

I really really ought to hang the washing out to dry, put the washing up away, vacuum the lounge carpet, clean remnants of small boys’ breakfast off the kitchen floor….. No, priorities first – Wiblog and a cup of coffee. Besides, the kids will feel more valued if I allow them the priveledge of doing a few household chores.

Thursday was a lovely wasted lazy day… mooching around doing nothing in particular. Probably just as well seeing as I got rather carried away with a late-night phone call to a friend and also spent part of it comforting a small Smudgelet with his head down a toilet. What is it about children being sick that makes you want to join in? Yuk! The great thing about Glandular Fever, though, is that you can make up for lost nighttime sleeping by snoozing half the day away. This is the life!

Major achievement of the day yesterday: An hour and a half shopping! OK, so it was supposed to be two hours shopping… the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak…. but a real development on a couple of weeks ago where I spent two pounds extra buying something from Smiths because I couldn’t face the 200 yard walk back up the High Street to Boots where it was cheaper. So now I am feeling doubly smug, because I managed to get about a third of my Christmas presents bought out of the way, and it isn’t even Advent yet! Now to resist the temptation of test-running the toys!

It’s such a beautiful day today, we really ought to go out somewhere. And after last night when Tiddles’ trip to Cubs was abandoned because the roads were all flooded and we counted 12 flashes of lightening as we drove! It was quite spectacular to watch. Today I am rather preoccupied as Mum’s taxi service for Music Centre, Birthday Parties and possibly even a Swimming Gala. Hmmm…. I love nice relaxing Saturdays!

Thought for the Day: Why do cats always want to sit on your lap when they have just come in on a stormy night?

Sunday !

The morning started far far too early… why do their swimming lessons have to be at such a ridiculous hour? Mind you, it was worth it for the joy of watching Tiddles trying to learn to dive. A cross between a frog and a hippopotomous for style and elegance!

Major achievement of the Day – I went to church. Yes, I finally had enough energy to face driving the boys to our usual church (after what must be about a five month absence!). It was good to be back, and we were thoroughly welcomed… and there was only one occasion in the whole service where I had to sit down when everyone else stood, so progress indeed. I nearly had a fit, though, when someone asked whether I was intending to play the organ!

It was a good day to be back as a friend I hadn’t seen in ages just happened to have been invited to do her “on trial” service as a local preacher at our church this morning. She was relieved to see a friendly face in the congregation, too. I deliberately sat just near her assessor – hee hee! The service was a good one.. I wasn’t tempted to have a snooze in the corner of the pew.

Spent the afternoon ironing, browsing Ship of Fools, and nagging the children about homework, so a very profitable day all told.

Oh, and I sent an email to the head of the school where I was doing supply w*rk to say that I am interested in applying for the two-term post which begins there after Christmas. It has been a difficult decision to make, weighing up the freedom and flexibility of supply work with the security of a contract, but I decided to make all the moves to facilitate getting the job and let God make the decision of what is the best. Having sent the email, I feel quite content with that.

Thought for the day: Why can you have days and days of quiet and then everything clash on the same day?

Note to self: The washing machine works better if you remember to turn it on at the mains!

Tuesday already?

Hmmmm… (sips her Lemsip)… what exciting things have happened in the last couple of days??


None 🙁

Major Achievements? None!

Interesting things to wibble on about? None!

Sources of excitement and adventure? Not a thing!

Voice to talk with in between the coughs? Hardly any!

Hmmm… have discovered why I had difficulty posting my very first Wiblog – I suppose that is an achievement – but I’d better not mention that or I will never hear the last of it.

Still, the washing machine still works 🙂

Wednesday already?

I seem washing machine obsessed just lately… have just finished washing the first ever mud-coated Rugby kit. I think half the field was on there! Only one minor disaster: the only bit of the boy’s school uniform which has never gone missing in action – his green and white striped school tie – went in the kit bag with his boots (turned green, white and brown, though mostly brown) and then… ooops…. in the washing machine with his bottle-green kit. Result? One completely green tie! So after berating him for carelessness with his uniform………


Had a lovely afternoon nap this afternoon. Was only woken twice. Once by a friend delivering bread and then by my father phoning to tell me that he would fetch the Smudgelet from school so that I could snooze undisturbed. Oh… and once by the cat jumping on and settling down, of course, but that goes without saying.

Small achievements today… finished writing a letter and started another one. Amassed a ridiculous number of posts on Ship of Fools. Apologised to the Smudgelets for being mean to them this morning (and was graciously forgiven!) Rescued a mouse from Smudgelet’s welly. And glanced at the application form which I really will have to fill in soon.

Now, do I own up about the little insy-winsy minor easily-done tiddly little mistake I made which stopped me posting my first Wiblog?

No, I don’t.

Thought for the Day: There is nothing like a bacon sandwich, except for another bacon sandwich.

Thursday morning

And a lovely sunny morning it is too! (Believe that and you’ll believe anything!)

Went to the doctors this morning to make sure my sore throat is nothing more sinister. It’s nothing more sinister! Now, that should stop people nagging 🙂

Removed one large headless rat from the veranda this morning – the perfect start to a day which I have vowed to fill with housework. No computer at all today. I have decided not even to switch it on, just so I don’t get tempted.

Right….er…. just to get a gnome off my back, I suppose I am going to have to own up about the insy-winsy little difficulty I had posting my first Wiblog… but only if you promise a) not to laugh and b) not to tell Chris.

I…er…erm… *blushes*….er… *bites lip and wriggles a little uncomfortably*….er…er… I …. *takes deep breath and says very very quickly*……. was hitting the wrong “submit” button! I didn’t notice the one at the side, next to the password, just scrolled on down to the bottom of the page. I suppose it’s more a case of vertical rather than lateral thinking!!!! But don’t forget your promise not to tell Chris – he said it was probably user error and I’d hate him to think he was right!

Thought for the day so far: Housework may be easier with a match!


Major achievement of the day : I finally finished doing the Tesco order so this little family won’t starve after all. Shame they can’t deliver until Saturday afternoon, but if we lie in long enough in the morning the boys might not notice we’ve run out of breakfast cereal.

It was a bit of a worrying morning, having been contacted by several people to say that recently written cheques had bounced. Had the LEA got wind of my malingering and decided to drop me to half pay without telling me, or had the new cashpoint card which was “lost in the post” fallen into the wrong hands, or had I simply spent too much? (always a possibility) A wind-and-rain-swept journey into town and the relief of finding out that, once again, it’s down to user error. Well, how was I to know I was using an old cheque book???? I was so delighted to know I wasn’t in the red that I went on a spending spree! 🙂 Now all I have to do is manage two weeks without a cheque book OR a cashpoint card while they order me new ones. TWO WEEKS!

Smudgelet was home for the day – “these bloomin’ teachers’ training days, why can’t they do them in the school holidays???” (Quote from the woman in the fish and chip shop. She survived intact, but only just!) So… lunch in MacDonalds (to stop him moaning about being dragged round the shops) and then a tantrum from Tiddles in the evening because it just wasn’t fair.

Thought for the day: Life’s tough when you’re ten!